The Women Behind The Brand

International Women's Day

In honour of International Women’s Day we wanted to take a moment to recognise some of the incredible women that make everything we do possible.

Founder & Creative Director


International Women’s Day stands as a powerful testament to the remarkable accomplishments, empowerment, and boundless potential of women - and truth be told, I find myself in moments of awe each and every day. I am eternally grateful and honoured to support over 10 remarkable female employees, all while nurturing my role as a devoted mother to my two beautiful daughters. Being recognised as a female founder and leader of a thriving female driven brand is an immense privilege that I cherish deeply.

Brand & Graphic Coordinator


I am a 25-year-old woman fuelled by creativity and inspired by human connections. I feel deeply privileged to live in a time where women before me have paved the way for the opportunities we enjoy today. It fills me with immense joy to be part of a company guided by a remarkable and pioneering female leader and am so excited to see what the future holds for both me and The Moissanite Company.

Content Coordinator


My name is Lyuda, at the age of 14, I left my home country to move to Australia to pursue my studies and have been here ever since. Inspired by the realms of social media and self-expression, I found my calling in marketing and content creation. Collaborating with women fuels my drive as they constantly inspire me to strive for more. Being surrounded by such like-minded and incredible women, work truly does not feel like work.

Marketing Coordinator


I'm a 22-year-old woman who finds endless inspiration in the incredible, motivated, and talented women I have the privilege to work with. Marketing is my passion, and working alongside these women drives my ambition and reinforces the idea of unlimited potential. It's a true honour to be part of a female-led company and team dedicated to spreading love and commitment to couples around the world.

Head Jewller


Every day, I draw inspiration from the remarkable, driven, and talented women I am fortunate to work alongside in a traditionally male dominated industry. Jewellery isn't just a profession for me; it's my passion, and being a part of a female-founded and led business is such an honour. I couldn't be prouder to be on this journey with such an extraordinary team.

Administrative Asisstant


My name is Laura, and as a young woman, International Women’s Day holds great significance for me. It offers a moment to honor the remarkable women in my life and express gratitude for their invaluable influence. Working in a female-led company fills me with pride, as the supportive atmosphere fosters empowerment. The presence of diligent and inspirational women around me at work serves as a constant source of motivation.

Customer Service Coordinator


Today is a celebration of the achievements, empowerment and limitless potential of women! I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of a female led company and team that celebrates love and commitment to couples all around the world everyday. It is a deep privilege to come to work each day and be surrounded by by such inspiring women.

Customer Service Representative


Hi, my name is Georgia. As a young woman, I feel that International women’s day is such an important day to give gratitude to all women who continuously go above and beyond in all aspects of their lives. Being part of a female led business, where creating pieces for women to feel at their best, brings me so much empowerment and joy. Our beautiful founder Makayla, has not only created a incredibly supportive environment, but has been a trailblazer in business, pathing the way for generations to come and bringing such positive light to women in business.

Showroom Manager


International Women's Day holds a special place in my heart, celebrating the resilience and achievements of women globally. It's inspiring to be part of a female-founded and led company where women drive the vision forward, fostering a culture of inclusivity and support. I look forward to the future for women and The Moissanite Company.

Showroom Consultant


My name is Shelley, as a 24 year old woman who has just recently moved from Scotland to Brisbane, l've found a warm and welcoming environment here at The Moissanite Company. I'm constantly inspired by the team here and being a part of a female led company empowers me to contribute my best work and grow professionally. Together, we continue to break barriers and pave the way for a more inclusive and equal future. Here's to all the inspirational woman making a difference everyday!

Showroom Consultant


Hi I’m Mackenzie, I am 18 years old transitioning from high school to university with my career only just beginning. I feel so honour and empowered to work in a female led company and to be surrounded by woman who are such driven individuals and who take pride in their roles within the company everyday. Working with like-minded women motivates me to pursue my dream career and their support is simply unmatched. Happy International Woman's Day!