Keely and Stefan’s Love Story

Keely and Stefan’s Love Story

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Keely and Stefan’s Love Story

In our blog series, Your Love Story, we interview our beloved couples who have found their dream ring at The Moissanite Company. 

In this blog, we take a look inside the beautiful love story of Keely and Stefan. Their love story began in university, and after years of friendship, their relationship blossomed when Stefan surprised Keely with a birthday visit and asked her out. Keely and Stefan have recently committed lifelong lovers  - and we were lucky enough to play a small role in their love story.

They were incredibly generous in sharing all the details of their proposal, love story and wedding with us!

The Moissanite Company Lovers Keely and Stefan - Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Q: All great love stories have a beginning, so tell us yours! How did you meet?

A: We met during our time at university, both studying business. Our friendship blossomed over shared interests and a deep faith in God. After Keely moved to the Sunshine Coast to pursue her dreams, we stayed in touch, and our connection grew stronger. Last July, for Keely's birthday, I flew up to the Sunshine Coast and finally asked her out.

Q: We're in the business of proposals, and never get tired of hearing your stories: tell us all about the moment you popped the question!

A: It was a breathtaking moment at the Mapleton Lookout in Maleny. The sun was shining, and God was smiling down on us as I asked Keely to be my lifelong partner.

Q: It's been an honour to play a small part in your love story so far. What made you choose The Moissanite Company, and how did you decide on your ring design?

A: The Moissanite Company's stunning handcrafted rings caught my eye on Instagram. I was drawn to their ethical practices and affordable prices. The simplicity and elegance of their designs spoke to me, and when I saw the ring I eventually chose in one of their reels, I knew it was the one.

The Moissanite Company Lovers Keely and Stefan - Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Q: You've chosen to spend the rest of your lives together, so what is it that you love most about each other & your relationship?

A: We share a deep love for God and a passion for helping people. Stefan's calm demeanour complements Keely's infectious joy, creating a harmonious partnership that feels truly blessed. Stefan’s peace And Keely’s joy Match made in heaven.

Q: While you might still be soaking in the proposal love bubble, have you made any plans for your wedding? We'd love to hear all about it!

A: Yes, we're so excited to be planning our wedding for January on the Sunshine Coast, in a beautiful white barn!

Here at The Moissanite Company, we value your love story. Based in Brisbane, Australia, we utilise the highest quality Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamonds, and pair this with impeccable craftsmanship to bring your forever ring to life.We pride ourselves on being Bespoke, Ethical and Affordable, and are on a mission to positively influence the jewellery industry, and provide customers with the sparkle they desire, at a price they can afford, with the environment in front of mind, always!

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