Ready to wear: A Statement Ring Stack of Your Dreams

Ready to wear: A Statement Ring Stack of Your Dreams

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Ready to Wear: A Statement Ring Stack of Your Dreams

If you’ve been dreaming of a unique and stylish way to express your love story, showcase your love boldly with our statement ceremonial rings. 

Curating your bridal set is often something that happens over time, with each ring marking a milestone of your unique story, all stacked together over a lifetime of love. This journey typically begins with an engagement ring, then with time, adding a wedding band (or two) and even an eternity band or another ring to signify an anniversary. Allowing you ample time to decide on what style best speaks to you. 

Many factors are considered when curating your statement ring stack, including metal types, karat grading, band width, and of course, your personal taste. At The Moissanite Company, our goal is to provide you with information to help make this decision process, among many others, easier so that no matter which ceremonial rings you choose - it will be perfect for you! 

Whether you are looking for a gold and bold moment or a dazzling stack to showcase an abundance of cultured gemstones, we have curated the perfect journal to make you confident in designing a statement stack of your dreams.

Stack One:

Dream Statement Stack - Pear Cute Cultured Diamond Solitaire, Classic Statement Ring and Round Bezel

Stack One was designed with a bold style and vintage flair in mind. 

Our Classic Statement and Harper Round Bezel Ceremonial Rings are featured above, paired with the modern and timeless Sophia Pear Solitaire. 

Modern and minimal, our Classic Statement Ring is a divine choice to showcase your love boldly. The Classic Statement Ring boasts a stunning 3.7mm band and is the perfect addition to any engagement ring if you want to make a timeless statement.

Paired beautifully with The Classic Statement Ring, our divine Harper Round Bezel Ceremonial Ring will offer a subtle vintage flair to your stack. The Harper Round Bezel Ceremonial Ring features a gorgeous display of round cut Moissanites that are carefully placed halfway around the band. Designed to create a bold look for your binding love, each stone is secured in a vintage-inspired bezel setting that adds a touch of classic beauty to this piece. 

Completed with a pear cut solitaire, The Sophia Ring features a (1.5ct) cultured diamond set in an exquisite basket setting, achieving the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication - tying the stack together gorgeously. 


Stack Two:
Statement Ring Stack: Signature Luise Ring, Gia Ring, Classic Statement Ceremonial Band

Stack Two is for those dreaming of a divinely modern stack with ample sparkle. Featured is our Gia Ring, paired with our signature Luise Ring™and Classic Statement Ceremonial Ring - stacked together beautifully to create a truly mesmerising bridal set. 

The Gia Ring is lined with beautiful oval cultured gemstones in a shared prong setting. Designed with bold style in mind, this band is offered in three choices of stone sizes to suit your taste and budget. Pictured is an array of 5x3mm Moissanites (3CTTW) set in 14k yellow gold. 

Centred, our signature Luise Ring™ is a modern classic, featuring an oval cut cultured gemstone in a beautiful basket setting, blending style and femininity with a millennial twist. 

Finally, The Classic Statement Ring balances out the stack with its bold and minimalist style. 

Stack Three:

Statement Ring Stack: Ophelia Ring Cathedral Solitaire, The Classic Statement Ring and The Classic Curve Ring

Statement doesn’t always mean an abundance of sparkle. Balancing varying ring thicknesses is a stylish way to add dimension to your ring stack. If your engagement ring is on a fine band, you might think your only option is a wedding band of the same weight; however choosing a wider band can be a lovely contrast. 

Namely, Stack Three features a 7x6mm (1.5ct) Ophelia Ring Cathedral Solitaire paired with  The Classic Statement Ring and The Classic Curve Ring. The 1.6mm band of the Ophelia Ring has been balanced out with our modern and minimal Classic Statement Ring - creating a stunning contrast of varying band widths. Completed with The Classic Curve Ring, this stack offers a bold, gold statement for those wanting to showcase their love in style. 

Keep in mind, when considering metal types, you can either stick with the same metal for all the rings, for example, all yellow gold, or you can mix and match different metals, for example, one ring in white gold and two rings in yellow gold. However, it is essential to note that no matter what tones of metal you choose, you need to stick with the same karat weight. This is because different weights of gold can wear one another away over time due to being harder or softer.


At The Moissanite Company, we have a diverse range of ceremonial rings for him and her that all pair together beautifully. From solitaire engagement rings to crown style wedding bands and beyond, you can curate your perfect moissanite ring stack from our signature collection, or custom design your dream ring. You will be sure to find yourself inspired by a stack that perfectly reflects your unique love story. Discover our Statement Ceremonial Rings to curate your dream stack. 

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