Signature Basket Setting vs Low Set Signature Basket Setting

Signature Basket Setting vs Low Set Signature Basket Setting

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Signature Basket Setting vs Low Set Signature Basket Setting

A key detail when designing your ring is choosing your ring's setting. A ring setting refers to the metal portion of the ring that securely holds your gemstone/s in place.

Designed to safely secure your stone while optimising its appearance and style, basket settings are a very popular choice that embodies a modern and minimalistic style. In this setting style, metal prongs (normally 4-6) extend up from one central point on the base of the band, to hold the stone in place. These prongs are linked by a metal gallery rail that sits horizontally around the stone for extra structural integrity, forming a basket.

At The Moissanite Company, a basket setting is available in two styles; our Signature Basket Setting and our Low Set Signature Basket Setting.

Signature Basket Setting

Signature Basket Setting - The Moissanite Company

Our Signature Basket Setting is a more traditional style of engagement ring setting. In this setting, your divine cultured gemstone is held in a raised basket, allowing light to enter from all angles and creating a stunning display of fire, brilliance and overall mesmerising sparkle. The raised setting can also make your cultured gemstone appear larger - making it a great choice for those who desire a modern, yet timeless, ring design.

Low Set Signature Basket Setting

Signature Low Set Basket Setting - The Moissanite Company

Meticulously crafted in Australia, our Low Set Signature Basket Setting is intentionally designed to sit close to the finger, holding your cultured gemstone close, and giving the ring a sleek and modern look. The low profile setting also allows your gemstones to sit flush, allowing maximum comfortability and practicality for those who lead an active lifestyle or have a hands-on job. This setting is the perfect style for those who want a minimalist and contemporary design for their ring.

With conscious creation at the heart of what we do, our Low-Set Design allows you to stack with an array of our ceremonial bands. This means you still have a wide variety of bridal ring set styles you can achieve, and don't have to compromise by choosing a curved ceremonial band.

Low Set and Signature Basket Setting Engagement Ring Comparison

Available via our Signature Ring Builder, we offer you the opportunity to adorn your ring with a touch of individuality, inclusive of the setting style you choose. Choosing your setting type is just one of the many bespoke customisations that make a ring uniquely yours.

We hope by understanding the differences between the two settings and your preferences, you can confidently choose the perfect ring that speaks volumes about your love story. Our Bespoke Process is a way for you to co-create the ring of your dreams - get in touch today for a no-obligation quote.

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