Why is Moissanite a Better Choice?

Why is Moissanite a Better Choice?

Why is Moissanite a Better Choice? 

Whether it be a moissanite’s uncanny resemblance to a diamond, its conflict free origins or mesmerising brilliance, it is undeniable that the ‘gemstone from the stars’ is an attractive option for your dream engagement ring.

At The Moissanite Company, we pioneer the industry with an unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality moissanite, whilst also remaining committed to our core values of maintaining a strong devotion to sustainable manufacturing. To support you in making a well-informed decision and to be confident in your choice, we have outlined some of the key benefits of choosing a moissanite gemstone for your forever ring. Here are five reasons why our Eternal Brilliance Moissanite is a better choice;

Optically Similar to a Diamond

With expert synthesisation and gem-cutting technologies at the core of our practices, our moissanite is grown and cut to the exacting standards set by The Moissanite Company to create the most diamond-like alternative, in terms of quality and appearance. 

All Eternal Brilliance Moissanite gemstones we produce and utilise are D colour and VVS1 clarity, equivalent to the GIA's standard of a colourless diamond. For those after something more unique, we also work with a variety of coloured moissanites and our Signature Champagne moissanite.

Laboratory Grown

Unlike diamonds, which are mined from the earth, moissanite is created in a lab, making it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Lab creating these beautiful stones has many benefits. Not only can the colour and clarity be controlled to produce only the highest quality stones, but it’s also the more ethical option. Conflict free and minimal impact on our beautiful earth.

As designers of bespoke jewellery, we have a responsibility to ensure our practices are sustainable. We utilise moissanite and cultured diamonds because they are the more sustainable gemstone option. Laboratory created with minimal impact on our beautiful earth.

Moissanite Engagement Ring - Why is it a better choice?

Highest Quality Diamond Alternative

Moissanite boasts similar durability, as well as an uncanny visual resemblance to a diamond, making it the perfect alternative for bridal jewellery. Opposed to other gemstones, such as cubic zirconia or crystal, our Eternal Brilliance Moissanite is more durable, has a greater refractive index, is more optically similar to a diamond and won’t lose its divine sparkle. We are proud to offer Australia's highest quality moissanite.


A Moissanite is heirloom quality, the most durable diamond alternative. Measuring 9.25 on the Mohs scale, compared to a diamond at 10, moissanite is an extremely durable stone. Whilst moissanite and diamonds measure slightly differently, they both possess outstanding durability, perfect for everyday wear with minimal risk for damage and for your dream ring to last a lifetime of love. 


Moissanite is a more affordable option when compared to cultured diamonds, ranging between $1,200.00 and $5,000.00. Buying a divine moissanite ring allows you to indulge in your dream design and a larger carat size, without exceeding a reasonable budget. It is the perfect choice for somebody who desires the highest quality diamond alternative, that is ethical and affordable.

Moissanite Engagement Ring - Why is it a better choice? Moissanite is its own unique gemstone, and while its appearance is similar to that of a diamond, there are so many unique benefits to choosing this precious stone for your bridal jewellery. Get in touch today to receive a no-obligation quote for your dream moissanite engagement ring from one of our jewellery experts.

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