Sydneysiders - WIN a $15,000.00 oval lab diamond engagement ring. It’s time to embark on a journey like no other. Join our once in a lifetime SCAVENGER HUNT.⁠ Our beloved Luise Ring Oval Solitaire awaits, hidden somewhere here in Sydney.⁠

Good luck x


In celebration of one month birthday, we have the honour and privilege to give back to our beautiful community in Sydney. With this in mind, we expect all participants to respect our team and fellow participants. Any misconduct will result in immediate disqualification and you will be politely asked to leave. Cheating or stealing clues is strictly prohibited.

You are responsible for maintaining your own safe practices throughout the event. The Moissanite Company is not liable for your safety or for any incidents that may occur, however unlikely.

In order to claim the ring you will be required to have all four clues in hand and be over the age of 18. If clues have run out, you will require a photo of each clue and a selfie with a TMC team member at each location. The lucky winner must return to our Sydney Showroom for prize collection, sizing, and certification.

Participants must consent to being on camera, as claiming the prize involves a brief interview and handover.

The prize ring is inclusive of The Moissanite Company’s Lifetime Warranty. Please refer to our Lifetime Warranty for any further information.