Emily and Jack's Love Story

Emily and Jack's Love Story

Emily and Jack's Love Story

In our blog series, Your Love Story, we interview our beloved couples who have found their dream ring at The Moissanite Company. 

Like many modern love stories, Emily and Jack met online in 2019. After a week of texting, their connection was undeniable and they decided to meet up for their first date. Four years, and a romantic beachside proposal later and this beautiful couple are soon to be married!

They were incredibly generous in sharing all the details of their proposal, love story and wedding with us! 

Q. All great love stories have a beginning, so tell us yours! How did you meet?

A. Like a lot of modern love stories, we matched on Tinder in 2019! We immediately hit it off and after about a week of texting, we met for the first time.

Q. We're in the business of proposals, and never get tired of hearing your stories: tell us all about the moment you popped the question!

A. It was the Sunday before Christmas, and we were going to the dog beach at Point Cartwright with our dog Cleo, which is a pretty normal outing for us so I (Emily) wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. Jack planned the day before with his best friend exactly where he was going to propose, and asked his friend to set up a picnic on the hill afterwards. As we were walking along the beach, I noticed a tripod in the bushes and knew straight away what was going to happen - Jack grabbed my hand and got down on one knee! It was such a perfect moment, even with our dog Cleo trying to jump up for attention.

The Moissanite Company - TMC Lovers

Q. It's been an honour to play a small part in your love story so far. What made you choose The Moissanite Company and how did you decide on your ring design?

A. Emily had done a fair bit of research on diamonds, lab made gemstones, and moissanite and loved the sustainability behind moissanite engagement rings. She had looked at lots of designs online and wanted something that would be timeless but also very sparkly and elegant. Even before trying them on at the initial appointment, Emily always had her heart set on the oval shape.

Q. You've chosen to spend the rest of your lives together, so what is it that you love most about each other & your relationship?

A. Emily: One of the things I love most about Jack is that he sees the positive side of so many situations. He keeps me calm when I’m stressed and always puts a smile on my face. I love how he hypes me up for gym when I’m not feeling up to it and how he’s always up for an adventure.

Jack: I love how organised Emily is and how caring she is towards others. She’s so passionate about her personal growth and she makes me want to be a better person everyday. I love that she makes me laugh and that we‘ve had an ongoing jump scare war for almost 4 years. 

The Moissanite Company - TMC Lovers

Q. While you might be still soaking in the proposal love bubble, have you made any plans for your wedding? We'd love to hear all about it!

A. Our wedding is completely organised and ready to go! I’m (Emily) a spreadsheet lover so everything was planned within 3 months of getting engaged. We are getting married in September this year at Surfair, Marcoola. It’s been such a fun, exciting experience but we just want the day to be here already!

Jack proposed to Emily with a beautiful Luise Ring - 9x6mm (1.8ct) Moissanite Oval Solitaire with a Hidden Halo and Pavé Band. 


Here at The Moissanite Company, we value your love story. Based in Brisbane, Australia, we utilise the highest quality Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamonds, and pair this with impeccable craftsmanship to bring your forever ring to life.We pride ourselves on being Bespoke, Ethical and Affordable, and are on a mission to positively influence the jewellery industry, and provide customers with the sparkle they desire, at a price they can afford, with the environment in front of mind, always!

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