All you Need to Know: Our Complementary Ring Servicing

All you Need to Know: Our Complementary Ring Servicing

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All you Need to Know: Our Complementary Ring Servicing

At The Moissanite Company, we understand your ring is a symbol of your enduring love and commitment, serving as a tangible representation of the cherished moments created by the beautiful couple to whom they belong. 

To reflect our confidence in utilising only the highest quality gemstones and impeccable craftsmanship, all engagement and ceremonial pieces come with complimentary lifetime servicing.

What is included in a Complimentary Ring Service?

Our team of expert jewellers conducts a thorough inspection, checking for any signs of wear and tear. We then give your ring a professional clean and polish. If required, we will conduct a complimentary prong tightening. At this time we can also complete a rhodium plating at your request.

Ring Resizing
When ordering an engagement ring, it can be hard to know what ring size to choose - especially when you’re planning for a complete surprise. While we have a few recommendations on how to make an educated guess, we understand that sometimes it’s just not possible to get a perfect fit. If your ring is not the correct size, we provide one complimentary resize, within the first 6 months of purchase, inclusive of 4 sizes up and 4 sizes down.

The Moissanite Company - Complimentary Ring Service

Professional Clean
While at-home cleaning is perfect for washing away dirt, debris, and makeup that get into your ring, a professional clean and polish is the ultimate step up - the tools and products our jewellers use effectively buff out any fine scratches or dents your ring has accumulated over time from everyday wear and tear. We recommend having this done at least once per year, if not more regularly, so your beautiful piece shines as bright as the day it was placed on your finger.

Prong Tightening 
As mentioned, during our inspection we complete a prong tightening if required. Over years of love and wear and tear, your prongs may need to be ever so slightly tightened, ensuring your beautiful gemstone is secured in place. This is something our jewellers can do as part of the complimentary servicing process.

The Moissanite Company - Complimentary Ring Service

Rhodium Plating
Rhodium Plating is what gives white gold its lustrous bright, shiny finish. However, due to the sheer quantity in which we use our hands, the plating on rings wears down quickly and should ideally be re-plated once per year. Whilst this is not included in the complimentary service, it can be added upon request and is recommended if your ring is white gold. Rhodium plating starts at $80.00.

 Simply book your ring drop-off appointment if you're based in Brisbane or get in touch with our friendly team via email and we can support you in sending your ring back to us for your complimentary servicing. We’re here for you and your journey.

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