How to choose the right engagement ring for your partner

How to choose the right engagement ring for your partner

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How to choose the right engagement ring for your partner

Shopping for an engagement ring can look different for every couple. Sometimes, it’s a journey spent together, from initial discussions, and research, to shopping, and purchasing. Other times, one partner guides the other by sending through images or links to rings that they like, and leaving it in their hands to organise, purchase and propose, to allow some element of surprise! And often, when a complete surprise is the aim, one partner goes through the process entirely on their own.

When you’re doing the latter, it can be hard to know what ring to choose. So, how can you select the perfect ring, without raising suspicion? Read on to find out our top tips.

1. Consider their personal style
Jewellery and rings are often linked closely to a person’s style. If someone likes to dress up, and appreciates the finer things in life, they might already wear a lot of jewellery, and gravitate towards classic styles like large solitaire designs. If they’re quite minimal or casual in the way they dress, and don’t wear a lot of jewellery, a ring that is on the simpler and smaller side is likely the best option. For lovers of vintage or classic style, more intricate or ornate ring designs are often a great choice. The below table is a great guide about our Signature ring designs and what styles they suit best.

Style: Classic Simple  Ornate
Best suited ring designs: Cathedral Solitaires

Signature Hidden Halos

Signature Halos
Signature Solitaires Signature Trilogies

Distinctive Styles
    2. Matching metal types
    Most people have a preference for what metal colour or type they prefer for their jewellery, and match it across all pieces. Yellow gold is a very classic option that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent years, while white metals like platinum and white gold are very minimalist and timeless, and rose gold is a very feminine choice. A good rule of thumb is to stick with the colour of metal that they already wear to ensure cohesiveness.

      3. Take note of any hints
      Usually, if someone is eager to get engaged, they’re likely doing some research of their own to determine what styles they like. They may be saving pictures to their Pinterest board, or following jewellers on Instagram, in which case some sneaky sleuthing can be an effective way to gauge their style preferences. Otherwise, be sure to take note of any hints they may tell you, such as stone shapes they like or setting styles.

        4. Recruit some help
        Often those closest to your partner have good insight on what they want or like. They may have had explicit conversations about engagement rings, or at least a good understanding of their style and taste. Get in touch with a close friend, or even sibling of your partner, to help with either design ideas or the shopping process, and of course let them know to keep it confidential!

          5. Purchase and keep it under wraps...
          While it will probably be one of the hardest secrets to keep, there’s truly nothing more romantic than a surprise proposal, so it’s worth the short term struggle!

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