Jacinta & Dylan’s love story

Jacinta & Dylan’s love story

Jacinta & Dylan’s love story

In our blog series, Your Love Story, we interview our beloved couples who have found their dream ring at The Moissanite Company. 

Jacinta and Dylan were first paired together as dance partners in a national dance competition in New Zealand back in high school. Turning their dance floor connection into a romantic one, they’ve now been together for over 7 years and recently got engaged during a beautiful beachside proposal, the culmination of a day of surprises extensively planned by Dylan. 

They were incredibly generous in sharing all the details of their proposal, love story and wedding plans with us!

Q. We're in the business of proposals, and never get tired of hearing your stories: Jacinta, tell us all about the moment Dylan popped the question!
A. It was my birthday, and Dylan had planned a day full of surprises and activities. Everything from dress shopping, to lunch with my friends, and a massage - it was jam packed!
Along the way I was given clues on cards numbered up to 7 - each representing the 7 years we’ve been together. 
The 6th card brought me to a park, for a sunset picnic with some of my closest friends. The lucky last #7 card was handed to me, instructing me to “turn around and try not to say no…” Dylan was behind me proposing! 

Q. You've chosen to spend the rest of your lives together, so what is it that you love most about each other & your relationship?
A. We are best friends, each other’s favourite person. We both have a love for life, and adore the life we have built together. 
Jacinta says of Dylan: I love the way Dylan makes me feel so loved and valued. He treats me so kindly, he is so patient and thoughtful - a true gentleman!
Dylan on his love for Jacinta: The thing I love most about Jacinta is the way she challenges me everyday to outwork my potential. Since the beginning of our relationship, she’s always believed in me, and championed the phrase "flaunt yourself". The way I have changed over the last 7 years because of her reminding me of, and living by that phrase is something I will continue to work at and strive for because she deserves it. 

Q. It's been an honour to play a small part in your love story so far. What made you choose The Moissanite Company and how did you decide on your ring design?
A. We love the values of the company, choosing a more ethical piece, and the design is Jacinta’s dream ring. Every little touch from the hidden halo, to the engraving - it’s all perfect. We would not change a single thing. 

Q. Have you made any plans for your wedding? We'd love to hear all about it!
A. Yes! We’re geting married in our home country of New Zealand in November. A chapel wedding with our reception at the beach!

Dylan proposed to Jacinta with our beautiful Luise Ring - oval solitaire with hidden halo.

Here at The Moissanite Company, we value your love story. Based in Brisbane, Australia, we utilise the highest quality Moissanite and pair this with impeccable craftsmanship to bring your forever ring to life. We pride ourselves on being Bespoke, Ethical and Affordable, and are on a mission to positively influence the jewellery industry, and provide customers with the sparkle they desire, at a price they can afford, with the environment front of mind, always! 

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