Bringing Your Dream Ring to Life, Wherever You Are in the World

Bringing Your Dream Ring to Life, Wherever You Are in the World

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Bringing Your Dream Ring to Life, Wherever You Are in the World

Here at The Moissanite Company, we walk the journey with you. We are here to provide you with the most special experience, no matter where you are in the world. Working with international customers is something we do very frequently and the process is just as seamless as an in-person experience with communication being at the forefront of each intricate stage.

What is the Process for International Customers?

We would invite you to book a Online Consultation so we can meet you, learn about your love story and understand your vision for your dream ring. During this consultation, you'll meet one of our passionate jewellery consultants and discuss all the divine details of your dream ring. Our mesmerising range of signature pieces will be available for you to view, allowing you to explore all the fine details that you love, and ask as many questions as your heart desires.

Our Process - The Moissanite Company Showroom

For most international clients, we follow up with high-resolution imagery and videos of your favourite styles, on a hand similar size to yours. This way you're able to get a closer look at your dream ring, if you choose one of our signature designs.

If you choose a custom design, we will work with you through multiple artistic sketches and then CAD drawings to perfect your design before we begin crafting.

Our Process - The Moissanite Company CAD

If you do choose a signature design of ours, you still receive a CAD which you can amend as many times as you like.

We love this stage because it provides you with the opportunity to make amendments and ensure your dream ring is absolutely perfect before proceeding.

Once your CAD is approved, we craft your ring and send you around five updates along the way, so you're always informed of the status of your ring.

Upon completion, you receive a video of your beautiful ring. Within this message, you will also be notified when your order has been shipped and be given all the details on how to track your delivery - so you can watch your parcel every step of the way. At The Moissanite Company, we offer complimentary express-insured shipping on all Domestic & International Orders. Your beautiful parcel will require a signature on delivery, meaning that if you are not home, your ring will be sent to the nearest post office - keeping the process as safe as possible.

Our Process - The Moissanite Company Ring Box

Discover our pieces through a virtual consultation and be supported on your ring journey, wherever you are in the world. Begin your journey with us as an international customer, and book a Virtual Consultation. Let's walk this special journey together to help you discover, or craft, your dream ring to last a lifetime of love.

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