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Ring Care Guide - Caring For Your Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamond

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Your precious rings have been designed and crafted to last a lifetime, however engagement and wedding rings are not indestructible. Your jewellery should be worn with a level of care that ensures they aren’t exposed to any situations that could inflict damage to your special pieces. Follow our care guide to ensure your beautiful jewellery is cared for properly.

Storing Your Ring
It’s easy to get into the habit of taking your ring off and placing it aside, but doing so increases the risk of losing or damaging your ring. We recommend using our Moissanite Company ring box to safely store your ring - it’s been designed to keep your ring safe & sound and is perfect for use at home and while travelling.

At Home Cleaning
Regular at-home cleaning is advised to keep your ring as brilliant as the day you received it. We recommend doing this approximately once a week, and you can follow the simple steps on our website.

Professional Cleaning & Servicing
We offer complimentary lifetime ring servicing. Included in this service, our onsite jewellers will deep clean and polish your ring as well as conduct an inspection. If required, we will also re-tip your prongs to ensure they remain strong and secure.

Exercising and Wearing Your Ring
We recommend that you remove your ring while exercising. Generally speaking, wearing your ring at the gym can cause damage to your ring such as scratching, denting or misshaping your ring. Perspiration can also dull your beautiful stone. By removing your ring while you exercise you are lowering the risk of causing damage or potentially misplacing your ring if you take it off while performing exercises.

It is advisable you remove your rings while swimming in both the ocean and pool. Wearing your rings while swimming can expose the precious metal to various chemicals or natural elements which can impact the finish of your ring. For example, it can tarnish the metal and impact the divine lustrous finish. Another thing to consider is, your body temperature can vary a lot when swimming. When cold, your fingers can shrink in size and your ring may come off. This can occur quickly and unknowingly.

Cleaning and Household Duties
We recommend you remove your ring whilst cleaning and or working with chemicals of any kind. Not only can
the chemicals react with the precious metals however, they could potentially dull your stone, if trapped under the basket of your ring and this repeatedly occurs over an extended period.

Not only can soil needlessly dirty your ring, but it’s quite a risky activity for losing your ring in the grass, garden bed or pots. We recommend removing your rings while gardening, even if you intend on wearing gloves.

Jewellery Insurance
Your precious ring is one of a kind. One of the greatest ways to care for your ring is through arranging independent jewellery insurance. Here at The Moissanite Company, we recommend Q Report Jewellery Insurance. Undertaking insurance as such will be the best way to protect your fine jewellery for anything that is
not covered in our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please be aware that the above information is simply a guide and we recommend you undertake your own research and establish an understanding of the right insurance for you and your financial situation.

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