What is Rhodium Plating?

What is Rhodium Plating?

What is Rhodium Plating?

Often, most people know what colour metal they like for their jewellery: silver toned white metal, yellow gold toned, or rose gold toned.

But when you want a white metal for your engagement ring, a choice needs to be made between white gold and platinum, which visually look very similar.

As we explained in our blog ‘What’s the Difference Between White Gold & Platinum?’, a big consideration when choosing between these two white metal options is the maintenance: white gold needs to be regularly re-plated with rhodium, while platinum does not.

So, what is rhodium replating? Why does it need to be done?

Rhodium is a very rare, silvery-white, hard, corrosion-resistant transition metal that is used to plate white gold jewellery to increase how bright and white it appears. 

White gold is of course formed from gold, which is naturally a yellow metal. To create white gold, white metal alloys are mixed with pure gold, but without rhodium plating, it still has a slightly yellow hue. 

Jewellery like earrings and necklaces usually don’t need to be replated as the original plating rarely wears off. But due to how much we use our hands, the plating on rings wears down quickly, which is why it is recommended to re-rhodium plate your ring once a year at a minimum. 

Replating usually costs around $110.00, and can only be done by a qualified jeweller. 

To have your white gold ring replated by The Moissanite Company, you can either book an appointment to drop it off at our Brisbane showroom, or get in touch via email to arrange posting it back to us to be completed. 

Here at The Moissanite Company, we value your love story. Based in Brisbane, Australia, we utilise the highest quality Moissanite and pair this with impeccable craftsmanship to bring your forever ring to life. We pride ourselves on being Bespoke, Ethical and Affordable. We also commit to a sustainable ‘now’ and ‘future’. We are on a mission to positively influence the jewellery industry, and provide customers with the sparkle they desire, at a price they can afford, with the environment front of mind, always! Here at the Moissanite Company, we plant a tree for every ring sold, by donating to Trillion Trees - an Australian organisation that is dedicated to improving our mother earth. Get in touch today to receive a no-obligation quote from one of our jewellery experts.

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