Why Choose A Moissanite Engagement Ring?

Why Choose A Moissanite Engagement Ring?

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Why Choose A Moissanite Engagement Ring?

Choosing your forever ring is a big decision. If you’re here, you’re probably aware of moissanite. Moissanite engagement and wedding rings continue to grow in popularity, and the thought of creating a custom moissanite ring might feel like excitement overload. After all, choosing your engagement ring is an exciting and special time. In this blog post, we wanted to discuss the reasons why moissanite makes a great choice for an engagement ring, and how it compares to the infamous, and traditional diamond. 

Does moissanite look like a real diamond?

A moissanite has uncanny similarities to a diamond - unless you know what you’re looking for to distinguish the two, the average person would assume your beautiful moissanite is in fact a diamond. Our premium sourced moissanite is colourless, and has exceptional fire and brilliance, also known as the gemstones sparkle.

Moissanite Versus Diamond 

Moissanite left, diamond right. 

Does moissanite lose its sparkle?

Unlike other gemstones such as cubic zirconia or crystal, a moissanite won’t lose its sparkle. This is what makes a moissanite ring such an attractive choice. A Moissanite Company ring will truly be an heirloom piece that lasts a lifetime. At The Moissanite Company, we also guarantee a lifetime warranty and authenticity, providing you with peace of mind that the optical properties of your stone will not diminish. 

Is moissanite cost-effective?

Choosing a moissanite engagement ring allows you to have your dream carat size, without the price tag. Moissanite is laboratory made, meaning the costs associated with larger carat sizes are in reasonable increments. Comparatively, the price of diamonds rises steeply as the carat size of the stone increases.

To compare the price between moissanite and diamonds, our 2 Carat Luise Ring is $2,560.00 (14k gold, DEF colour and VVS1 clarity). For a diamond ring of the same specifications, it would cost approximately $37,000.00 (AUD). Your moissanite oval would cost 14 x less than the diamond!


Is moissanite durable?

Moissanite is the second hardest stone, next to a diamond. On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, a moissanite is 9.5 and a diamond is 10. Your beautiful moissanite ring is perfect for everyday wear, with minimal risk for damage. 

Can you design your own moissanite engagement ring?

One of the incredible benefits to choosing a moissanite engagement ring is, you can create a complete custom moissanite ring of your dreams for an affordable price. In fact, we charge no additional fees or pricing if you choose the custom route. We walk with you on the special journey of designing and crafting your very own moissanite custom ring in approximately 4 weeks. One of the many benefits to utilising a Moissanite jeweller based in Brisbane, Australia. 

elongated cushion moissanite ring, 3 claw moissanite ring

Our promise

Moissanite is its own unique gemstone, and while its appearance is similar to that of a diamond, there are so many unique benefits to choosing this precious stone for your bridal jewellery. Your Moissanite Company bespoke ring will remain as beautiful as the first time you tried it on, and last a lifetime. In fact, we are so confident in our quality that all items purchased from the Moissanite Company come with an Authenticity and a Limited Lifetime Warranty - our guarantee and your peace of mind.


About us

Here at The Moissanite Company, we value your love story. Based in Brisbane, Australia, we utilise the highest quality Moissanite and pair this with impeccable craftsmanship to bring your forever ring to life. We pride ourselves on being Bespoke, Ethical and Affordable. We also commit to a sustainable ‘now’ and ‘future’. We are on a  mission to positively influence the jewellery industry, and provide customers with the sparkle they desire, at a price they can afford, with the environment front of mind, always! Here at the Moissanite Company, we plant a tree for every ring sold, by donating to Trillion Trees - an Australian organisation that is dedicated to improving our mother earth. Get in touch today to receive a no-obligation quote from one of our jewellery experts.

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