Choosing your Path: Bespoke Signature Range or Custom Ring Design?

Choosing your Path: Bespoke Signature Range or Custom Ring Design?

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Bespoke Signature Range Vs Custom Ring Design 

Here at The Moissanite Company, we value your love story. Whether choosing from our signature range or designing a ring via our custom design process, we work with you to co-create a divine ring that truly encapsulates your unique love story. 

We have two options available when purchasing your forever ring: our Bespoke Signature Range, or our Custom Design process. Whichever path you choose, we utilise the highest quality cultured gemstones paired with impeccable craftsmanship to design a ring that truly encapsulates your unique love story. 

So what option best suits you? Below we have outlined the journey of choosing from both our Bespoke Signature Range and our Custom Design process to help guide you in the right direction. 

Bespoke Signature Range

Bespoke Signature Range

For those who have fallen in love with one of our carefully curated signature rings, our bespoke signature range is the right path for you. Made to order within 8-12 weeks, this process allows you to decide on a ring design, but still have the freedom to add sentimental touches to make a dream ring that is uniquely yours. 

Our Signature Range is a divine collection of styles that have been designed to cater to a variety of tastes, all available to purchase and customise directly from our website. Within our signature range, you’re able to choose each specification of the design - metal type, stone size, faceting type, setting types, bandwidth and more. 

While all our pieces are made to order to your exact specifications and selections, some people also wish to deepen the sentiment with engraving, inset gemstones or even coloured moissanite. Allowing you to co-create a piece that represents your unique love story. 

Each of these customisable specifications is what gives your engagement ring its unique character and sentiment. Discover more about our our made to order ring process here.

Custom Ring Design 

Custom Ring Design Process

Being a bespoke jeweller, we can craft any ring your heart desires. Our Custom Design process is perfect for those looking for something more unique, or a design that isn’t available in our Signature Range. 

The process begins with your submission of a custom order form. Once completed, this form will entail the details that you most love about your future ring - at this stage we provide you with an outline of your desired specifications and invite you to chat further with our team to discuss your desires, dreams, and design.  

Whether your dream ring has a custom hidden halo, two tone bands, triple pavé or a trilogy with both cultured diamond and moissanite accent stones, we can bring your dream ring to life. Your vision, our expertise. 

Looking for some inspiration on how to customise your engagement ring for a unique, one of a kind piece? Discover our blog and custom ring archive


If you're unsure whether your design would be considered a complete custom, book a consultation at our Brisbane Showroom or an online consultation via Zoom. You'll meet one of our passionate jewellery consultants and discuss all the divine details of your dream ring. Our mesmerising range of signature prices will be available for you to view, allowing you to explore all the fine details that you love, and ask as many questions as your heart desires. Get in touch today, and let's walk this special journey together to help you discover, or craft, your dream ring to last a lifetime of love. 

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